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What is TinkerTool?
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For this reason, elements of Notification Center may combine colors in an inappropriate way in that case. At the moment, Apple does not provide a solution for this issue. The applications share a similar user interface and internal technologies.

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However, the features and target audience of the applications are very different: TinkerTool is a utility that allows you to set personal preference settings Apple has built into macOS. TinkerTool is not capable of changing any system settings or other settings that may affect more than your private user account. For this reason, you don't need administrative permission to use TinkerTool. The tool can be used in professional networks where you have limited access, for example students working with the campus network. TinkerTool System on the other hand is directed to system administrators, consultants or experienced users that need to change and optimize operating system settings.

This will affect all users that share a computer.

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Only user accounts with administrative permission can use TinkerTool System, macOS does not allow access by standard users. The tools do not share any duplicate settings or features. They complement one another, to have the full feature set you'll need both applications. It is not planned to offer the system tool in other languages than English and German.

Just drag the application to the trash. Because TinkerTool doesn't install or change anything in the operating system, that's all. You might consider resetting macOS's preferences you have changed via TinkerTool to the pre-installation state before removing the tool. See the next item.

As mentioned above, TinkerTool just changes user preference settings of macOS. Applications will respect their settings no matter if TinkerTool is on your disk or not. If you want to reset your configuration, just open the Reset pane in TinkerTool, choose one of the reset buttons, log out and log in. Of course we cannot officially speak for Apple, but there are several reasons why some built-in preference settings of macOS are usually kept under the hood:. This list of reasons is not necessarily complete. The strategy of hiding built-in features is not unusual, you can see the same on other operating systems as well.

Overview Details What's new? Screenshots Download Notes. TinkerTool Known Issues There are currently no known problems that require additional documentation. Release Notes There are currently no known problems that require additional documentation. Can I have a manual for TinkerTool? However, in order not to overload TinkerTool with dozens of styles for all the different generations of macOS and to be able to support the latest interface features of the OS, there are currently five different applications in the TinkerTool series, designed for five basic product generations of macOS: For macOS The program with the standard name TinkerTool is always designed to be compatible with the latest official versions of Apple's operating systems.

For macOS For OS X For Mac OS X Mac OS X Server 1. Do I need to restart the computer for changes to take effect? Are there unexpected issues when disabling the Finder animations for opening Desktop icons? Are there alternative ways to restart the Finder? I have heard I should see.


Where are they? Can I use the default font settings to increase the size of fonts?

How to Change Icon Size in Mac OS

When specifying preferred fonts, can I use color, shadow, or other effect settings? Can I specify typefaces for all font categories? Can I specify font defaults for menus and the menu bar? The controls on the Safari pane are blocked. How can I use them?

Customizing the OS X Menu Bar

In order to work with Safari's preference settings in TinkerTool, you'll have to give your approval to do so: Quit TinkerTool if it's running. Open System Preferences.

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Click the lock to make changes. Why are options for Mail, Safari, or Time Machine on other panes disabled? Can I change the notifications to white text? How can I remove TinkerTool? I used TinkerTool for a while, then I deleted it.

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But all of its settings are still effective, what should I do? Why did Apple include so many hidden features in macOS? Of course we cannot officially speak for Apple, but there are several reasons why some built-in preference settings of macOS are usually kept under the hood: Settings for professional users: Some settings, e. Those features are documented to developers or to professional users which read the technical manuals of macOS. This way Apple can keep the user interface simple, at the same time not excluding particular user groups from using advanced features. Especially in professional networks, system administrators even don't like the graphical user interface but prefer shell scripts and the Terminal command-line.

So there are also cases where Apple considers it too costly to develop a graphical user interface, thinking that most users would not use it.

Change icon size in Finder windows via the trackpad - Mac OS X Hints

This operating system contained several features which are still part of macOS. In some cases, Apple does not want to touch some of the old features, because this could have the risk of unwanted side effects. Features hidden for design and marketing reasons: System developers usually think far ahead while designing their applications. For this reason they prepare or implement many features without a direct order. TinkerTool 6. OS X TinkerTool Classic Generation 2.

Mac OS X All I can say is thanks.

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What a long and enjoyable ride. Panic is as much of the Apple scene as Apple is. Truly sad, but we saw this coming with the introduction of the Mac App Store, and later Sandboxing. Instead, I used it the same way I used Pixadex — the app that Candybar swallowed whole years ago. The funny part is that it appears that the Pixadex portion of the app will be the only part that will ultimately live on.

I am so glad to see you did and yet sorry to hear that this will be the last version. I love this app. You guys are awesome. I wish you all well and hope you come up with something equally awesome I use your other programs, too in the future.