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  1. What To Do When You Spill on Your MacBook
  2. What should you do if you spill liquid on your Macbook keyboard?
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  4. spilled water on my MacBook and it works

Many thanks for this advice. I spilled a few ounces of sparkling water on my Macbook Air. I did not turn the machine off right away, just wiped off the keyboard and touchpad and kept working. This led me here on another computer where I thought I had really blown it by not shutting down immediately! I did not have one of those plastic crates but did have a bankers box, grate and small fan. I blew air from beneath the keyboard for 4 days before restarting. The machine restarted just fine and will accept a charge. I feel extremely fortunate that I did not fry the machine. Apple makes an excellent, resilient product.

Many thanks again for the great advice. I have dunked a glass of water on a MacBook Air before and using this exact upside-down fan technique has saved the computer, and it still works flawlessly to this day. Best of luck, hope yours turns out just as good.

What To Do When You Spill on Your MacBook

Please reply ASAP. Hey so recently I had spilt a little tea in my MacBook Pro.

How To Dry Out Wet Electronics

Sadly I was an idiot and kept using it. Is this due to the logic board being wet or just the keyboard? Please let me know.

What should you do if you spill liquid on your Macbook keyboard?

It is less than a month old!!! I immediately flipped it upside down and powered it off and wiped it all off and have kept it upside down ever since. I had it all wiped off in less than 10 seconds, and after crying for about an hour I started looking on the Internet about what to do. I spilt water on my macbook air last night, immediately wiped off with tissue and thought my mac was working fine until the keyboard started to not respond… thats when I turned it off and found your website on my phone!

I tried the crate and fan thing and it worked for me! It saved my mac! I spilled a lot of water straight across the keyboard of my mid MB Pro. The screen went black immediately and I flipped it over and started shaking the water out. Fortunately I had recently replaced the battery so I had the tools to open it and remove the battery and wipe whatever I could on the interior. I work in a lab so I stuck it in an oven like that at about F for 5 hours, flipped it over once, then left it overnight. Reassembled it and plugged it in the next morning and everything is working flawlessly. Mercy …. Hi there, I just spilled tea on my MacBook Pro retina 13 inch.

I placed it in a bucket of rice and tried to on it the next day. But it could on and all but the problem is it switches off. So I decided to put it back in the rice. Is it a good sign that it could on and charge? But the problem is its switches off on it own. I spilt 10 ounces of water on my MacBook Pro.

Turned upside down sheik it violently then took a hair dryer to it upside down, and all is fine.

  1. So, where can the water actually go? How much damage can it do?.
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The board was shorted and the keys work no longer. For restarting I have to reconnect the cord again but now I rarely shut down my mac and use its sleep function instead. Once in a while I restart it. Almost two years now, still using it. Thought I will post it as it might bring relief to someone out there who are worried about the long term outcome. Well, im one of those who has a toddler that decided to grab my coffee that was unfortunately sitting next to my laptop and yes you guessed it, he spilled it over the right keyboard area.

I immediately grabbed my laptop, cursed the world for ever leaving my laptop and coffee near a almost 2 year old, and flipped my laptop over without a care in the world about anything else i. I was devastated and felt so much guilt and sadness because I realized the obvious of never being able to recover the 23, pictures I saved or having my laptop on again. I then had the thought of vacuuming the keyboard with a small heavy duty shop vac. With the look of defeat on my face I turned it back on and I knew it would turn on I just didnt know the damage.

I tried all the keys and realized that the only sticky one is the right shift key and other than that the laptop works just fine.

Bring Your MacBook to a Professional Repair Company

Now I dont know if this will eventually bite me in the ass, since I read here in the treads that corrosion does exist. Nevertheless I am hopeful that my laptop is safe out of coffees harms way. This kid will be the death of me. Thanks for the helpful and encouraging article. I read it because our 5-year-old MacBook took a glass of sweetened tea on the keyboard and all around the edges.

spilled water on my MacBook and it works

I ran a little cold water over it, hoping to wash off the sugar. Then I referred to the disassembly manual from a previous screen backlight cable replacement https: I put it back together and powered it up. All the keys still worked. Everything still seems to be fine, several hours later. My MacBook was on the bed; I reached to drink water from a lidded container, but the lid was not secure.

It spilled onto the blanket that the MBP was resting on, and pooled enough for the water to seep into all those ports, etc on the left edge. The screen went black. I immediately tilted it sideways and let the water drain not much, but clearly enough to do damage. After reading a couple of sites, I powered it down — although it already seemed off. When I pressed and held the power button, it did make that click. Less than a minute later, the fan started running. I powered it down again and same thing happened again.

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  2. What should you do if you spill liquid on your Macbook keyboard?.
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Third time, it stayed powered down. This is not a keyboard issue, but water into the left-side ports. A couple of weeks ago I spilled a full cup of coffee over my MacBook Pro… My cup was right next to the optical drive so the fluids went over the whole keyboard.

After 1 or 2 seconds of total shock and regret I flipped it upside down in order to get the fluids out. To me, this was the best and logical idea at that moment to prevent any further damage to the components. After holding it upside down for 1 minute I dried all the surfaces with a towel. At that time I thought that it was about to shut down and be toast any second.

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To my surprise it kept working. No black screen, no immediate shut down whatsoever. So my all or nothing attitude took over.