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The movie cloud was back! Like this: Like Loading I found one fix which may work on Windows 7 for the DRM error everybody is facing for netflix. Once done, you should be able to use netflix on Windows 7. Enjoy, Cheers Jignesh Like Like. Thanks for the tip. You're very welcome. Glad to help. Dope, thanks. Glad I could help! Same worked for me.

Ep 48 NetFlix Digital Rights Management Error Fix

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1. Check Widevine Rights (Android Only)

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I'm trying to watch a video and it's not working! I dragged myself off the couch and over to my wife's MacBook. She would click on "watch a full episode" and a blank screen would appear where the viewer normally would be. It was not immediately apparent what the problem was. A poorly installed codec? A broken web page? I rummaged around for a little while and found that the TNT support site stated that they didn't support Macs for viewing their shows. Here's what the support site says:.

Our agreement with the studios that produce the shows stipulates that their content be protected full episodes from piracy with DRM software. What they should have said was "We're really sorry that we didn't put a little Javascript up front to detect a Mac and indicate to you that we don't support your platform.

Netflix Error N8151

No, we'd rather that you waste your time trying to figure out what the problem is first, then search through our support site to learn this little gem. WMP is more universal than Flash Video?!? Um, no, it's not. According to Stat Owl, Flash content reaches That's over 65 million people in North America. Apparently TNT is all full up on market share and doesn't need access to that demographic. I didn't share all of this with my wife of course. I simply told her that she couldn't watch any TNT shows because their web site was broken.

Sure, I could have loaded up Windows in a VM, fired up Internet Explorer and watched the video or maybe even found some solution to this little problem from a technical standpoint. In the end though I'd rather just mark TNT as a fail, write a rant about it and tell my wife to find something else to watch.

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Mac Rant Switching to Mac. Ast A. Moore said…. Right on, brother!

[Solved] How to Fix Netflix Error - Help Tips for Common Netflix Problems

July 29, at AM. Keleko said…. Netflix used to use the same streaming technology. However, they recognized they wanted to support Mac users, too, and so they switched to Silverlight. While it is a Microsoft technology still, at least it works just fine on a Mac. Maybe TNT will get a clue or stop being lazy and do the same thing.

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  • David Alison said…. I would be fine with the TNT site requiring Silverlight. Not my personal technology choice but at least Macs would have an option. Still blows me away that companies obsess so much about DRM that they will carve out a huge chunk of the market just to protect it. Matt said…. I would bet that TNT has a 'computer department' with a no-Macs-allowed policy, and computer illiterates at the executive level. I've run into the same issue with my own company, also a well-known cable channel. And as I'm a Mac-based web developer who was responsible for the project, you can imagine the fun I had testing a product that our digital-rights policy dictated I couldn't see!

    Next time she has this problem, just point her to Hulu instead. Uh, folks, Silverlight is an Intel only technology. Curse you, Appple, for making such quality products! TNT isn't the only site that doesn't support Macs. Many of the news channel sites don't work either. And don't get me started on all the sites that improperly encapsulate their Flash video. As initially presented, the video doesn't work, but dig into the page source and find the actual Flash file, and that works fine.

    Netflix Error S7363-1260-00002E18

    David, just to try it out, install the user agent addon for Firefox and switch the current user agent so the site thinks its a Windows PC and not a Mac. I refuse to go through hoops just to watch TNT's stuff - they've already lost me. David, you are so funny. Picture it: David Alison, the computer guru of the house.

    Still facing the same problem. Then you have to delete the Plugin folder and then update it. So to do this you must log in your computer as an Administrator account. Sometimes antivirus or security software like firewall prevent plugin to update. And this may the reason for widevine content decryption module comes in Chrome Browser. So you can temporarily disable your antivirus and security application and update the widevine content decryption module.

    After updating enable Antivirus and security options. Now try to play a Netflix video. Hopefully, the methods given above will solve your widevine content decryption module error. If you still facing the issue then lastly you can reinstall the chrome with an updated version. This will surely solve your issue. Because the new version of chrome contains updated widevine content decryption module.

    So to do this first you have to uninstall your old Chrome. This should launch a window where all the applications installed on your computer should be listed. Then you have to install this addon by following steps given below.