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  1. Waves Sibilance - Vocal De-Esser Software for Pro Audio Applications (Download)
  2. Waves Sibilance - Vocal De-Esser Plug-In (Download)
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Waves Sibilance - Vocal De-Esser Software for Pro Audio Applications (Download)

Powered by Waves' innovative Organic ReSynthesis technology, this transparent vocal de-esser removes harsh vocal 's' sounds faster than ever before, with exceptional quality - allowing you to make your vocals brighter without harshness. Thanks to its Organic ReSynthesis engine, Sibilance allows precise identification of unwanted sibilant sounds such as 's' and 'sh', resulting in smooth, glitch-free, effective de-essing which maintains the timbre, duration, and natural resonance of the original vocal sound.

Unlike most de-essers which act like narrow-band compressors, Sibilance uses Organic ReSynthesis spectral filters to identify undesirable bursts of sibilant energy, then completely separates the nuances of sibilance from the vocal signal, leaving the rest of the signal untouched.

Once applied, Sibilance's unique method of separating sibilant parts from the raw vocal signal allows for otherwise extreme processing on the vocal track, such as aggressive EQing to drastically brighten a vocal. With simple yet powerful controls, Sibilance takes only seconds to set up: Insert it on a vocal or voiceover track, and simply set the threshold and range controls to dial in the perfect amount of 's' reduction. Whether tracking or mixing, on vocals or voiceovers - get an ideal vocal sound fast, reliably and effortlessly.

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Waves Sibilance - Vocal De-Esser Plug-In (Download)

AAX , Soundgrid. Mac and PC. Financing options available for US customers only. Manufacturer part number: V5-DSD Manufacturer: Waves.

Be the first to review this product. Electronic Delivery! You may be contacted by ADK to confirm your order before receiving your product download code. Inspired by vintage gear for precision de-essing and high frequency limiting, DeEsser delivers smooth and natural output with minimum fuss. CPU Core Duo 2. DeEsser V9 - Supported Hosts. Pro Tools DeEsser V9 - Latency The table below indicates how much latency is produced by each plugin, in samples.

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